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Long overdue update.

Whatsupper LJ world! I know I've been less than communicative lately, but there has veen a ton of stuff to do and not do, say and not say and I just haven't had the time to invest in a good and proper post.

At least, not until right now.

Life has been pretty much the same as always. School has completely taken over my life. I have done hours upon hours of homework and I STILL haven't started studying for my final exam Wednesday, which covers the last two classes (AHHHHHH!) I really want it all to be over.

As most, if not all, of you know, Denise and Maurice got married last Saturday. Normal wedding drama ensued, but nothing out of the ordinary. I actually was all beautified and I had a great time. Bernie and msjellybean made for exceptional company, as always. I plan to post pictures as soon as Bernie sends them!

Then, on Sunday buffyeas graduated. It was very nice. I left early to go to my future sister-in-law's tea party which was - in a word -amazing. It was a four course (!) tea party. First course was six different types of delectable finger sandwiches, second course was hot hors d'oeuvres. Third course was a scone with cream butter. Final course was dessert, with a piece of wonderful 5 layer cake AND five or six delectable kinds of mini desserts. I shared the fruit of my partying with buffyeas and userillusion, just because I'm so wonderful :)

Other than that, I have had a lack of real life (work and school DON'T count!). I graduate on June 18th with my last class on June 23th. Then I won't torture myself with school for at least a year :)

We'll be moving once again when our lease is up. They are turning our apartment into a condo and we REFUSE to pay them $125,000 for an APARTMENT!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's Day to all your mothers and to loveprincess524 and gyrlgeek

Ok, that's it. Love and Peace, folks.
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