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Smiley With Flower

I REALLY need a vacation.

My job is driving me up a wall. Really. Why? Because people = dumb.

I sent out an email that, when opened, emails me back an important bit of information about the opener's system. The email explains why we need the information, that the information has been sent upon opening the document, and that if there are any questions to call me.

Well, these idiots surely can read my phone number, but somehow manage to skip the REST of the email. I'm getting calls saying "Why are you doing this?" and "What do I have to do to send you the information?" Did you READ the email? AT ALL?


If I get one more stupid phone call from one more person, I am going to scream!!

In other news, the hotness (AKA the waterboy) is trying to fix an error message that keeps popping up on my machine. He looked it up on the Microsoft Support website and it said "Contact your system administrator." I find that HIGHLY amusing. Poor baby :(


People don't read. Their idiots and need to be beated soundly about the head and body.


Sounds like a plan to me!


Plans for Memorial Day yet?


I don't know. I'll have to talk to Mr. Lee. We talked about doing something, but it's not remotely concrete.

Time for a vacation....

I think you are in need of a much deserved vacation! Maybe once the wedding/graduation weekend has passed you can take some time for yourself.

loveprincess524 has the right idea.... I say the next time someone calls with a stupid question: roll up a newspaper, go to their desk, rap them on the nose like a bad dog and tell them NO! and then just walk away. Hey it could work.....

Re: Time for a vacation....

I'm going to try that. LMAO- wackiness ensues.

Who's Mr. Lee?

Re: Time for a vacation....

My friend Andy. He's living in Lexington now, so I haven't seen him since January. We were discussing meeting half-way or something, but I don't remember ever deciding anything.

Re: Time for a vacation....

Do I have to wait for them to call with a stupid question? How about a pre-emptive strike?

Re: Time for a vacation....

You are an American, it's your God given right, no DUTY to pre-emptive strike the enemy.

completely unrelated to this post

Where are you? Post

Re: completely unrelated to this post

No time to post. Maybe this weekend...