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I REALLY need a vacation.

My job is driving me up a wall. Really. Why? Because people = dumb.

I sent out an email that, when opened, emails me back an important bit of information about the opener's system. The email explains why we need the information, that the information has been sent upon opening the document, and that if there are any questions to call me.

Well, these idiots surely can read my phone number, but somehow manage to skip the REST of the email. I'm getting calls saying "Why are you doing this?" and "What do I have to do to send you the information?" Did you READ the email? AT ALL?


If I get one more stupid phone call from one more person, I am going to scream!!

In other news, the hotness (AKA the waterboy) is trying to fix an error message that keeps popping up on my machine. He looked it up on the Microsoft Support website and it said "Contact your system administrator." I find that HIGHLY amusing. Poor baby :(
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