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And thou shalt gaze upon beauty once more...

There is this certain individual that works at my job. For anonymity purposes, let us call him "The Waterboy." Anyway, The Waterboy is a beautiful specimin of eye candy. I thought about pursuing him at various times over the years, but I have made up my mind that I never will.

In spite of that, I am still very pleased to gaze upon his beauty on a regular basis. It really can make my day.

That is why I was saddened when we had lunch and he told me he was leaving the company. He got a job offer at one of the Big Three (making a boatload more money, I might add). I was going to miss him, truly. We have worked together for many a year. His last day was Friday and the day came and went.

So, imagine my pleasant surprise when he walked into my cube today! He said that the conditions of the job had changed. The company apparently left out a few "details" when they hired him. Dissastified with the new situation, he came back! This pleased me to the point where I was blushing and embarrassed with being so pleased.

The moral of the story: A beautiful visage can make anyone smile. Really ;)
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