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Smiley With Flower

The innerworkings of my mother

I'm talking to my mom right now, who is having computer problems. Her computer is going slowly (unexplicably, because she does not connect to the internet in any way) and she said "Does the inside need cleaning?"

I thought that was a rather humorus question. I mean, I'm aware that dust can have adverse effects on computers, but slowing them down? It's like she was asking if the SOFTWARE was dusty. That was funny.

I love my mom.


Don't pick on your mother!

I'm going to tell her you said that.... don't think I won't!

Re: Don't pick on your mother!

I love my mom! Really!

Re: Don't pick on your mother!

I know... you call her every day! Besides, I like poking fun at you! It never hurts that you're a good sport though.