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Smiley With Flower


I do believe LJ is having April Fools Day fun. When I just posted, the Update Journal button moved and then turned into "Processing Whining..."



Spirol Loaf

And when I went to post, one of the buttons jumped around a bit. Yes, they're having some fun today, as they do every year. I didn't fall for the prank post to news, though. I didn't read much of it before I saw brad sign it "God Bless" and knew right away it was an April Fool's Day post. I liked last year's better, though. Heh! :)

Re: Spirol Loaf

Yeah, that's like all this talk about this frienditto thing. I went to the site, counted the days and said to myself. "April 1st. I get it" Some people were so mad, though.

Re: Spirol Loaf

What's with Brad's picture being all over the sight now? Hope that's an April Fool's Day joke too. What is he 19?