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Wilting Flowers

Sleeping Murder

Last week, I was extremely moody. I know you're thinking that I'm always extremely moody, but I mean more so than usual. So I was feeling pretty crappy, emotionally, all week last week. Saturday night rolls around and I am mad at the whole world. I lay my head down to sleep (at 3am no less) and I have this dream.

The dream start with me and some random girl being kidnapped by three men from the grocery store. I managed to escape early, but my friend was not so lucky. So I go to the house where they are holding her (don't ask me how I knew where it was) and I ambush it.

Then I have a big Kill Bill Uma Thurman sword and I kill all three of them.

Now, the dream bothered me because it was horribly graphic. On top of which, I had an earlier dream where I got stabbed by the guys. How screwed in the head do you have to be to have alternate ending dreams?

When I woke up, I felt much better. I guess I had some hostilities I needed to work out. On a side note, the guys I murdered were not anyone I knew. So, that's good for all of you.

Anyway, I think I'll stop remembering my dreams now, thanks!


I hate those kinds of dreams. I had one recently that I was being chased by a group of bad guys and I managed to hide in someone's house. I called 911 but I didn't say anything because I thought the bad guys would hear me plus they can trace the call. I was lying on the floor with the telephone because there was a bay big window in that room. I kind of fell asleep when suddenly I felt someone pulling on the phone cord!!! Before I could decide what to do, I woke up! I was really freaked out... Of course your dream was a lot worse than mine. I just wanted you to know I understand...

What's your new icon. I can't see it clearly. There seems to be a glare on my computer...


I replied to this twice last night (by accident) and I have no idea what happened to them.

Anyway, I've had many a strange dream (I used to have a recurring one where the "Big Boy" was chasing me like the Pilsbury Dough Boy in Ghostbusters), but never one where I actually killed people. And I did it with such conviction and little feeling of remorse...it was so unsettling.

My icon is wilting flowers in black and white. Its an old icon. I haven't worked on icons in forever.

On the up side

When you can remember you dreams it means you're getting enough rest.
I think the fact that you have an alternate ending means that your subconscious wasn't happy with you being the victim and decided that you are strong enough to rectify the situation, even if it was in a way that was graphic and unplesant.

Re: On the up side

Remembering = enough rest? No wonder I can't remember!
That's an interesting way of looking at it...

Re: On the up side

At least that's what I've heard. Don't remember where.
Another useless factoid brought to you be me.

Re: On the up side

I often have dreams where I kill people. Okay let me restate that. I have a lot of action/rpg like dreams and sometimes I'm the hero sometimes the victim. Its never people I know that I kill though. Too much violence, TV, and video games? Who knows. As for remembering = enough rest. I've heard two theories. One is the one previously stated, the other is you woke up mid REM sleep so your subconscious hadn't had time to digest/sort/store the dream so it was still fresh in your conscious memory when you awoke.