Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

Long Overdue Update

Whats up LJ world? It seems as though I haven't updated in a month of Sundays. It has been pretty busy in my neck of the woods.

Since my last update, I've:

* Lost 10 pounds
* Rode to Lexington to visit Andy and rode back
* Written 1.5 chapters in my novel
* Got an A out of another class
* Started another Harry Potter book
* Plowed my car out of crapload of snow
* Helped my mother write 4 monologues and 2 skits for the drama ministry
* Completed three projects at work
* Forgot to take my medicine and got sick
* Took my medicine and got sick anyhow

It's as though this hamster wheel called life is destined never to end!!

Perhaps I'll update more often in the coming weeks. Perhaps not. If not, just remember it's because my life is filled with much hustle and bustle.
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