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Smiley With Flower

Poor cell phone...

I really don't feel good today. My tummy aches and my head aches.

To top it all off, userillusion's snow blower and my cell phone got into a fight. Needless to say, the snow plow won.

In other news, the first gift exchange went well. I got lots of poker stuff. Liz got me some cool stocking stuffers and I got a SMORES MAKER!!!!!!! And I got The Rundown and a cool spiritual book and CHOCOLATE and gifts for me, ME ,ME!!! Ok, I'm a little excited

No matter what anyone says, I like Christmas. :)

And yet for another digression, HAPPY BIRTHDAY msjellybean!!!!!!!


Thank you. And thanks again for helping to make the night turn out okay after all.

You're welcome...

I'm glad you had fun!!!