Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

Work = Yawn

Stolen from loveprincess524:

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. For the most part, I tolerate my family
02. I'm fond of cheese
03. I like to read
04. I hate sleeping 'cuz I'm missing out on something
05. Apples are not my favorite fruit
06. I have premonitions
07. Even though I love my job, I often complain about it
08. My favorite color is purple
09. I like to sing in the shower
10. I have very few clothes
11. I'm allergic to cats
12. I talk too much
13. I collect keychains
14. There's snow on the ground here
15. I am the youngest full-time employee in my department
16. I enjoy a variety of musical styles
17. I don't want to watch the news anymore
18. I severely dislike the church of scientology
19. I wish I could fly
20. I am very random
21. I love chocolate and peanut butter together
22. I am yawning right now
23. I've ingested hundreds of random chemicals
24. I want to have an idea that would change the world for the better
25. I want the ideas I have to be accepted and put to practical use
26. I'd like to write and get published
27. I hate housework
28. This week, I will see Return of the King
29. My great uncle wrote a hit song in the early 1900's
30. I read
31. I don't worry about money
32. I love baby animals
33. I pick at my fingernails too much
34. I miss high school
35. I think 80s toys are the best toys- esp. She-Ra
36. I am not as wealthy as I'd like to be
37. I like game shows
38. I'd like to visit the moon or other planets
39. I am a big Mickey Mouse fan
40. I have strange eating habits
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.
42. I hate public speaking
43. I am terrified of lighters
44. Christmas music makes me happy
45. Being easily amused is a good thing, I hate being depressed
46. I talk to my computer.
47. I like smelling good.
48. I am a slob.
49. It was more important to me to have a bookshelf in my room than a chest of drawers
50. My parents help me out more than I wish I needed
51. I like silence at times
52. I wish wishes came true.
53. I believe in faeries
54. I believe in dragons
55. I believe in unicorns
56. I believe that faith is exactly what you make of it
57. I am a little claustrophobic.
58. I am obsessed with The Rock
59. It's my fault that some of my friends aren't in my life anymore
60. I look forward to and celebrate my birthday
61. I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid
62. I hate being lied to
63. I overreact about things sometimes
64. I read in bed before I go to sleep
65. I sometimes remember my dreams
66. I don't particularily care for shopping.
67. I am fiercely loyal to my close friends
68. Photographs, especially of people, are treasures
69. I'm trying to lose weight.

70. I can get ready, including a shower in 15 minutes, 20 tops
71. I've memorized every single line in certain songs
72. I am very clumsy
73. I sing loudly in the car
74. I love rum
75. I can't dance "Black"
76. ... and I really don't want to.
77. I avoid confrontations to a certain extent. Others I invite.
78. I give all my friends stupid nicknames.
79. I have never been arrested
80. Sometimes I eat chocolate as a meal
81. I think this fucking meme is too long
82. My boobs are natural and I love them (sometimes twice)
83. I like stickers
84. I think in pictures
85. I have a short attention span
86. I daydream sometimes
87. I deal with a lot of problems alone when I probably shouldn't
88. I wish I lived closer to the ocean
89. I want to be independent
90. I am impatient
91. I want to be more cultured
92. I love to travel
93. I like giving presents as much as getting them
94. I love Halloween
95. I once engineered a music video
96. I always appreciate honesty
97. I like to be of use
98. I cry on every movie, regardless of the genre
99. I love to be in love
100. Life is good!!!!
Tags: memes
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