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Rolling Laughter

I only have to be nice for another 3 hours and 10 minutes :)

Yesterday, I was talking to userillusion over email. I was having a really bad day and I was in a really crappy mood. During the course of conversation, he asked me where specifically I worked. I thought it was a little strange but he claimed to have known someone who used to work here.

Well, at around 2:30, I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to my desk. That userillusion tricked me!!! :) So now I have to be nice to him for at least 24 hours!

Seriously, they are beautiful and they did help my mood. When I take them home tonight, I will take a picture of them and see about posting it here.
They smell really good, too.

Thanks, userillusion, once again. You are cool peoples.


Aw! That's so sweet! :-) Yay for pretty flowers just when you need them:-)

no fair!

No fair! I've been too busy today to take advantage of this rare opportunity! I should have waited until a Friday so that I'd have the Saturday advantage. Because, of course, the whole point was to get you to be nice to me. Purely selfish. ;)

I told you my former supervisor's wife used to work there. So I wasn't completely making that up. Just her first name. :)

I hope you're day goes well, even though it's now after 2:30pm. I have to set some stuff up for some presentation or something in Grosse Pointe today. And it sounds like I'll have to stay there until it's done "just in case" they need an IT person. They expect it to last to about 8:00pm or so. I'll try to get out of there as soon as I can, though. At least it includes dinner, though! :)