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Strangest Wrong Number Call Ever

Let me preface this by saying that I CONSTANTLY get wrong number calls because my work phone number is a mere one digit different than Southfield Chrysler Jeep AND Best Buy. With that said,

ME: [name]
HIM: What was that?
ME: [name again]?
HIM: Oh, you know, I dialed the wrong number. I was trying to get Southfield Chrysler. How did I do that?
ME: It happens all the time. My number is only one digit different than Southfield Chrysler Jeep.
HIM: I'm such and idiot. I'm sorry.
ME: No need. It really happens all the time.
HIM: You know [pause], well [pause], the reason I was calling Southfield Chrysler was because I'm buying some vehicles for my business. We deal mostly in cabinetry(sp?) and we need some vans. That and my wife and I just got a divorce and she took my Mustang. I'm getting a new Mustang because she stole my baby.
Anyway, I heard your voice and, I don't know how good your job is, but I was looking for Administrative Assistants. The salary is between $32g-$34g a year.
ME: Well, I'm not an administrative assistant. I'm in IT.
HIM: Oh, I need someone like that. What kind of company do you work for?
ME: An automotive parts manufacturer.
HIM: And how much do you make a year?
ME: I don't really feel comfortable disclosing that information to you.
HIM: Oh. ok, bye.
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