October 22nd, 2006

Smiley With Flower

Working on a Sunday? Blasphemy!

Yes, I am working right now. I am not at work, as the company issued laptop allows me to do my weekend work at home now. So, I sit here on my couch in front of the TV waiting for my agent (i. e. a thing much like a stored procedure for all those in the computer know) to run.

I really want to do something other than this today, but I am stuck. Such is life, I guess.

On a side note, my mother and I signed up for Medical Weight Loss Clinic the other day. They do offer medical means to weight loss, but I am not participating in loss. I'm doing the "eat balanced meals and exercise, you moron" plan. It's working pretty well at the moment, so we shall see if I can mostly stick to it.

I carved pumpkins with my brother's kids yesterday. It amazes me how big they've gotten. The oldest(boy) is 8 and the twins (boy, girl) are almost 6. We had quite the time with the pumpkin carving. My dad is the pumpkin designer and I'm the pumpkin carpenter.

Anybody want some Honey Nut Cheerios? I have a crapload of it, and MWLC says I can't eat it.

Also for grabs are some Animal Crackers and Tootsie Rolls (although I'll probably give those to buffyeas when she moves).

Ok, entertain me, will ya? Waiting is boring.
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