July 10th, 2006

Goofy Cool


Wadehead imparted a story today about the perils of footwear. This is very important for your safety. :)

Wadehead was at a club (Legends) with his friend. He was trying to get a girl's number who was in a car with three other people. He pulls around to her passenger-side seat and starts "spitting his game", as it were. While this was going on, the driver and the back passenger-side passenger start to argue. The argument escalates and becomes so heated that the back passenger gets out of the car and walks toward Wade. The driver jumps out and comes around on the other side. So Wade being Wade, his first reaction is to break up the fight. Eventually, he tires of that, says "fuck it" and steps out of the middle. The girls start fighting, so Wade stops talking to the girl (yes, he was still trying to get her number while breaking the fight up) and locates himself far away next to his boy.

The police come and break the fight up and drag both of the girls away from each other. One girl passes Wade and his friend. The girl is still shouting as she goes past.

Now, Wade turns back to the other chick, who has broken away from the police. She takes off her shoe and lobs it at the girl. There are two problems with that. 1) The other girl is too far away to hit and 2) The shoe-thrower has no aim. The shoe sails in the air - straight toward Wade and his friend. Wade, being a black belt and such, has super quick reflexes and ducks. His friend, however, gets lobbed in the face with a shoe.

The moral of this story is to watch out for stray shoes while clubbing in the D. Shoe safety is an important issue nowadays. I just want to keep all of you informed of the new threat!