July 19th, 2005


Interesting Kwame Kilpatrick commentary

Questions and Answers - Mayor Kilpatrick
freep.com [link]
July 19, 2005

Question: How do you think a second Kilpatrick term would look substantively different from the first Kilpatrick term?

Answer: It'd be a lot different. I thought 2002 would be about building on the success of Dennis Archer and Coleman Young. That we had come to a financial place in our history where we were OK and we could actually just move forward. ...

What I found was that that was grossly inaccurate. ... Our national image still was very much in the tank, we had to really do a lot to aggressively go after businesses and position ourselves. ... We had to really get our house in order as far as putting an operational management team together for city services.

Our contracts in city employment were horrible and regressive. Our police department was under federal consent decree. ...

So Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, at that time, did very little outreach. I actually had to change my personality to fit what was going on in the city. ... I figured I could be a good politician (but) I didn't know at that time if I could put a strong team together and be a good manager. And so I totally focused my attention on the inside of city government, structurally changing operations. ...Collapse )

He really does have some good ideas, but it pisses me off that he lets his arrogance get in the way of the good he has the potential to do for the city. His head is so swollen that there is no way he could be of any positive service to the city now. That saddens me.