June 1st, 2005

Super Brandi

Brandi and the Mojo

So, I'm at Tim Horton's minding my own business when I am approached by an older gentleman. We talk for a minute (mostly because I was in the flirty sort of mood) and then he starts rubbing his ring finger. This, for those not in the know, is a classic tell-tale sign of having just removed a ring, so I tell him I'm not single and return to my reading. Five minutes later, a woman walks in and tells him how she dropped off a package to his wife (REALLY loudly, apparently so I can hear her).

I didn't care because I wasn't even remotely interested, but it was a nice self-esteem boost. :)

This was followed by the most pointless two-hour group meeting of my entire life AND rescuing msjellybean Superwomen-style. Which, by the way, was WAY more fun than my group meeting.
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