September 27th, 2004

Smiley With Flower


Moving day was eventful, as are most moving days. It started out all wrong. We went to the office bright and early to pick up our keys to the new place. Rhonda (aka master of all things moving) got there 15 minutes or so late, which we didn't too much mind. What we did mind was the fact that they couldn't find our keys. As it turned out, the cleaners had them because they hadn't vacuumed the apartment yet. Then out of all the keys on the ring (2 apartment keys, two mailbox keys, one building key), only the apartment key worked. Lamar (aka master of all maintenance) cut us a set of building keys and promised us mailbox keys today. Yeah, idiots.

So, we had Bernie, userillusion, and Liz's brother Bill and friend Justin to get started. Soon thereafter, my brothers arrived...with my nephews in tow. Then, to complicate the situation more, they insisted I order the pizza as soon as they arrived, which apparently pissed some people off.

I ended up spending a great deal of time watching the nephews and packing up the old apartment, while everyone else moved stuff over to the new. My dad was there, too, but in typical Dad fashion, he did nothing but drink screwdrivers and sit on his bum.

After the moving was done, we went to Dave & Busters, where I was introduced to the wild world of userillusion's driving. When the driver says things like "why stop? It's just a waste of time" (- turning left at a turnaround on red) or "I don't like to slow down" (- on a right turn as I fly to the other side of the vehicle) you know it's an interesting DRIVE.

Anyway, there were a few debacles, some cussing, and some mattress beatings, but all in all it went pretty well.

On a side note, my mom asked my dad if userillusion was there at the move. My dad said no. He obviously didn't do enough work ;)
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