December 15th, 2003

Smiley With Flower

Weekend events and happenings

I had a lot of fun this weekend. I spent the balance of it surrounded by family and friends. Fun was had and laughs were shared. Good times.

On Friday, It was dinner at the Denny's with the nuttie. I'm glad she liked her Easy-Bake Oven. I saw it on one day and knew I had to get it for her :)

On Saturday, writing group meeting followed by spending the day with Andy, Bernie and Maurice. Then, we scooped nuttie up after she discoverd the secret in Vicki's secret is treating employees like crap. Anyway, we ate at Olga's and then went to nuttie's to watch Groundhog Day. I had forgotten how funny that movie was.

Sunday was Andy and Bernie pt. 2. We ate at Denny's and then I dragged them over my parents for my mother's birthday celebration. That Andy person tried to tell some of my embarrassing college stories, but was usurped by my father and the classic "Brandi wrecked my van" story. I suppose that is what I deserve for trying to embarrass my brother in front of his "new" girlfriend(New to us, not to him). Then, it was off to watch wrastling. It was a good show, but it ended BADLY. Again, I expected the WWE to do the right thing for the product, which they never do. BOO on Vince McMahon!!!

On a side note, I lost my stinkin' apartment key Saturday night. Thankfully, I had a spare, but that wasn't fun.

To all reading this, have a wonderfully prosperous and non-gloomy Monday.
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