November 29th, 2003

Smiley With Flower

Busy, busy, busy

This holiday weekend has been a load of work. I have basically been doing something every waking moment since 6 am Thursday. The parade was a lot of fun, but I suspect my toes were about to fall off. (I shoulda' worn boots).

I'm feeling a lot happier today than I was last week. Although my problems seem to compound themselves daily, I am far more relaxed now than I was Wednesday evening. I can thank two people for that.

1) a Southfield cop who decided that since it was the day before Thanksgiving he wouldn't give me a ticket for going 20 over and 2) A certain someone who used their charms and MADE me relax. Oh, and Bernard helped, too :)

I can't believe it. He actually WANTS to make me smile. And just knowing that puts the biggest, brightest smile on my face.

After yesterday, I think things are about to get a little more complicated. I'm just gonna hold on and enjoy the ride.
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