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Smiley With Flower

Halloween and other tidbits

I have decided to dress up as a hippie for Halloween. I'm going to have so much fun dressing up! I can't wait.

userillusion is dressing up as a "hot chick." So, I have a question for all the real hot chicks on my friends list:

1) Where could he go to get his eyebrows waxed/tweaked? (He lives in the Southfield/Farmington Hills area).
2) How much would it cost him?

I don't know because no one touches my eyebrows. No One.

If any of you want to volunteer to do his makeup on Sunday, too, I'm sure he would be grateful.



is that too far? There's a big beauty salon there that does them... at least there used to be... I think it should be about 10 dollars (?) It's better to wax (as frightening as it sounds) than pluck. Think of it like ripping off a band aid rather than pulling it off petit a petit.

Re: Fairlane