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Smiley With Flower

Bees and skettis

Last night, I came home to exercise. Five minutes after I got into the routine, I looked up at the half-moon window and saw a bee. Now, just about anyone who knows me knows I have abibiphobia (fear of bees). So, I started counting backwards from 10 to avoid panicking. Panic is bad. I called the office and calmly explained to Crissandra (we're on a first name basis now!) that there was a bee. She told me the maintainance people had gone home for the night and they wouldn't come out for one bee. She wrote up a work order for today to take care of the "bee situation." I am certain she'll send them out today to avoid Liz cussing her out again!

So, I had to get the bee out. There was no way that I was going anywhere NEAR that thing. So, I called userillusion for reinforcements. He got the bee out of there for me! YAY!

Part of the conversation when I called him was kind of funny. I called him trying REALLY hard not to panic.

UI: Ya know, maybe you should leave the apartment.
ME: I can't move!
UI: Well, you're going to have to move eventually to let me in!

Gee, thanks for the encouragement ;) I did really well overall. I only teared up and I didn't go into hysterics. Quite an improvement from being hysterical after finding a dead bee in my apartment last spring.

Then, we at the skettis(i. e. Spaghetti) that Liz cooked for us. Yummy!

This morning, I hit my head on the freezer door. Ouch!

When I left, Liz was at home cooking dinner for tonight, Saturday and Sunday (she'll be out of town). Did I mention that I love my roommate?

Note to userillusion: Liz said, and I quote: "He better not expect me to cook for him every day." I win. :P


Note to userillusion: Liz said, and I quote: "He better not expect me to cook for him every day." I win. :P
What, does she want me to starve!? Well you can tell her I am perfectly capable of making a nice, delicious meal [of ramen noodles] for myself, thank you very much! :) Seriously, though... if you two wouldn't mind being subjects in my experiments, you know I'd be happy to cook for you.

I don't mind...

Just don't kill me.


Re: I don't mind...

Have you ever seen Nine to Five? I can promise not to put rat poison in your food, but that doesn't mean what I cook won't kill you some other way! :)

Re: I don't mind...

Haha. :)