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Smiley With Flower

La La La La...

I'm a tad bored. I really don't feel like being productive. I know I usually say that, but this time I mean it. I don't want to to anything but go home. This day is slow.

I'm complaining, but I'm actually in quite a good mood. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can ruin my mood on Fridays. NOTHING! I love Fridays, really.

If anyone wants to write me back, feel free. If not, I'll keep refreshing my page in futility.



I don't want to write you back, so I'm not going to leave you a comment.

Why not?

Don't be that way :P

You know what Liz would say?

"Well, since he left you a comment anyway, then it is obvious that he doesn't mean it."

Re: You know what Liz would say?

For someone who went to MSU, Liz can be pretty smart sometimes. :)

Re: You know what Liz would say?

Darn joke-killer!

Re: You know what Liz would say?

Do you realize how many insults I got into that one comment? And I have blessed your post with the beautiful Michigan M. I'm quite proud of myself. I'm not sure how much longer I have to live now, but it was worth it. ;-)

Re: You know what Liz would say?

You're lucky. I can't kill you. I'm not that violent. Liz would... well, I can't say here, she may read this and then I would have to hide another bruise.


Re: You know what Liz would say?

"It was that mule, Pa... Ol' Joey. I was out there trying to plow that north field and the mule just went crazy! Busted my eye, busted my lip!"
It's good to be home, isn't it!? *evil grin*

You evil, evil man.

That's just wrong! *Begins sobbing*