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Luck is a lady, alright. A very angry lady.

So, I have been having one heck of a week. First of all, on Saturday, I woke up to the roof leaking. On my computer monitor. Yeah, sucks.

So we had to take apart my computer and do some "temporary remodeling" until they can come out and fix it.

Tomorrow, I am going to the doctor because my stomach had stopped digesting food properly. Every time I eat anything, it hurts. If I eat fattening food, it hurts worse. I like food, so I hope they can find out the problem in short order and without a lower GI. I REALLY don't want one!

I have already been diagnosed with GERD and put on prescription Zantac, so maybe she'll just give me something stronger.

I am so ready to go home! I have got to start waking up earlier so I can get outta here at a decent hour.

That is all.
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