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Random Presidential Boxing

So, what did everyone think of the Debate last night? (If you actually watched it). I was pleased that Kerry came off as a confident, non wishy-washy person. At least that's one thing less that Bush can pin on him.

The next Presidential debate is on FRIDAY, October 8. We'll see if he can maintain his momentum. Let the drinking games begin!

The Vice Presidential debate is on Tuesday, the 5th. I want so badly to see the open! I'm still debating whether or not he's alive. I'm excited to see Edwards debate as well.

Anyway, I watched (kind of) the debate with userillusion. In the spirit of debating, we had dinner from this place called John Edwards. The food was pretty tasty. Does that mean that the proprietors of the restaurant think that Edwards is tasty? Eww, that's just disgusting!

I have to get new allergy medicine. Apparently, mine does not help with the cat allergy so much. (BOOOOO!)

I am in a really good mood today. Could it be because it's Friday or because I have something to do Friday night? Maybe, or maybe it's some secret I'm keeping. I haven't decided. ;)
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