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Smiley With Flower

Ha Ha.

Your Boobies' Names Are: Betty and Veronica


I didn't think I even had any boobies, but, apparently, I do and they're named Dessert and Dinner.

I find that very disturbing.

Now that's funny

I have actually named my boobies Betty and Veronica before. That is a very common nameset for boobies.

Anyway, we're moving at 11am on Saturday. How is your poison ivy?

Re: Now that's funny

My poison ivy is clearing up. The worst of it is just about gone. I should be good to go on Saturday! :-)

The Boobie Machine is BROKEN!

I tried three times it kept giving me bad boobie names. I tried with Black Berry it gave me Beavis and Butthead (ugh!). Then I tried with Ashleigh (Cheech and Chong). Noelle: The Blind Melons!!!!!

Why can't I get sexy boobie names. Betty and Veronica, Satin and Silk... anyone would be proud for those boobie names. My boobies are sexy too ...dammit.

Re: The Boobie Machine is BROKEN!

I don't know how sexy they are, but you can have my boobie names if you want. :-)

Re: The Boobie Machine is BROKEN!

Sorry, I wasn't too thrilled with your boobie names either. Someone got the name "Love Muffins" how cool is that?

Re: The Boobie Machine is BROKEN!

Aw, I want Love Muffins! Er, I mean, uh... I'm... hungry... and um... some lovely muffins would be great.

I think I'll just be quiet now. ;-)

Re: The Boobie Machine is BROKEN!

Actually that's not true. I misread. I read desert not dessert Even your names are cooler than mine. I'm depressed now.

Re: The Boobie Machine is BROKEN!

If it's any consolation, I'm sure your Bambi and Thumper are bigger than my Dessert and Dinner. And isn't that what really matters?