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Smiley With Flower

My list

These are the people officially on my list:

One Love Princess
One Black Berry
One Ms. Jelly Bean (You will only have minimal groveling)
Andy (minimal groveling as well)

If you are on list and you don't know why, that's even worse!

The list is not a good thing, in case you didn't notice.

Figure out why you are on the list, and commence with the grovel.


(Ahem) the list

Ms. Walker:

I whole-heartedly apologize for my failure to recongnize and properly act upon the importance of a certain date (yesterday) and offer sincere apologies. In my defense, I can only maintain: I did wish you TWO early birthday wishes and unfortunately aliens have taken over my brain.

In a date not yet to be named, I will make you cookies to ask for your forgiveness.

Best Regards,
"One Ms. JellyBean"

Re: (Ahem) the list

Dear Ms. JellyBean,

I did recognize said early wishes with the "minimal groveling" designation. Cookies will be adequate restitution for the aforementioned brain invasion. Upon payment, your name will be dutifully removed from the list.

Sincerely Yours,
Ms. Walker

Re: (Ahem) the list

Dear Ms. Walker,

It is so noted. Have a wonderful day.
Best Regards,
Ms. Jellybean

I suck.

AWWWWW FUCK!!!!!! I'm sooooooooo sorry. I completely spaced (using fighting germs as an excuse). Prostrating myself before her ROYAL HIGHNESS making offerings of massive amounts of spirits at the date of her chosing (hopefully in the next week) or an invitation to the Witches Ball (dinner, open bar, weird pagans, dancing and dressing up) October 9th I think.

Re: I suck.

Hmmm. Massive amounts of spirits... when are you available for that?

Re: I suck.

I'll be in Mt. Clemens on Friday then I'm on vacation until the 24th. So whenever

Re: I suck.

Cool beans. Are you still going to Chicago?

Re: I suck.

No. I'm sick and a big chicken

Re: I suck.

I was going to try to make it up there this weekend, then I looked at my calendar and realized that I am going to be BUSY all weekend! If I get a break or something, perhaps I will call you.

Also, you are MORE than welcome to come help us move next Saturday!

Re: I suck.

Provided I don't have to go get the boy- he comes back then.

*deep groveling *

I would just like you to know I remembered on my own! I sent the card this morning before I even saw your post! Honest! It doesn't make me too much better. If it makes you feel better, I kept writing Sept. 14 yesterday, the 15th. I couldn't figure out why I wanted it to be the fourteenth so bad.

Anyway, please inform me of my punishment (at your convenience of course)

Re: *deep groveling *

Dear MS. BlackBerry:

Thank you for your apologies and ecard in response to the grievance that you performed against the birthday girl. She graciously accepts these gifts.

We have deliberated over the sentencing of punishment in this case. We have decided to sentence you to double gift giving on one holiday of your choosing. It is not necessary to mail this gift from China(unless you never intend on returning to the US). At the point the double gift giving is received, you record will be cleared.


The Birthdays Grievance Committee