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Smiley With Flower

Sickness and hickeys

So, I feel mucho better. I've been taking my allergy medication and squirting mad saline up my nose. The result: I can half breathe. I'm still draining like crazy though, so I'm still slightly annoyed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for quick hickey removal? I have a doozie and I need to get rid of it- fast. I told the boy that I marked easily and he was going to leave a mark. His reply? "I don't leave hickeys." Yeah right. Well now you do, buddy.

Who is the boy? It's nobody anybody knows, so why go through the intros? Besides, my thoughts that he was a little insane were confirmed as of yesterday, so he won't be around anymore anyway.

Anyway, is it possible to pretend long enough to make yourself believe a lie? That has become my goal.

Peace and love (I would have fit so well in the '60s)


Mr. Blakely had some suggestion for that. I think he said meat tenderizer works for hickeys. Never tested that out, though. :)
never removed one that well, but make-up has always worked well for me, as well as strategically placed scarves. let me know if you need to borrow either.

Three words...

Oil Based Concealer.
Never had any luck removing one quickly, but had excellent luck covering one up. Dermablend (AKA pancake) will cover a second head growing out of your neck and it comes in all different colors. Not cheap though, department store only. As for drug store brands... Maybelline has a good one. Good luck.