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What's worse than being sick?

Oh, that would be being sick at work. Yep, that's me. Sick at work.

I managed to take yesterday off (actually, I woke up and my body literally would not let me get out of bed), but I had to come in today.

Besides, I have class tonight and I CAN'T miss that, so why not extend the torture?

I don't care what that professor does, I'm doing my presentation and the final and I am leaving. I want no part of a post class discussion of any sort.

I hate being sick because everything annoys me. EVERYTHING. My mom came to take care of me and every word out of her mouth was like daggers stabbing my eardrum. Normally, I don't mind much. But yesterday, I wanted no part of the overly depressing, grandmother obsessed, let me repeat myself twenty times thing.

I wonder if I challenged my mother to go a whole evening without talking about my grandmother if she would be able to do it.

Then, this morning, she calls and brings up the one thing I don't want to talk about. (Don't ask, its not important and I'm not sharing). Not to mention I have ten messages from all these people who don't understand why they keep getting emails reminding them to do their job! I don't know, maybe if you went and DID work, the emails would stop! Leave me alone!

I can't breathe through my nose.
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