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When sleep attacks

I was really tired all day yesterday. I got home from class at 10 and I was...bouncy. Of course, I happened to be well versed in the stages of sleep deprivation. So, in my hyperactive mind, I knew the crash was coming. And boy, did it ever. I slept 8.5 hours last night. It may not seem excessive, but it's the most I've slept in one sitting in weeks. So I feel refreshed today.

I finished my first class last night. I'm happy it's over. I had a group presentation that went surprisingly well, given the fact that we never did it together and I am the only person who practiced my part.

I feel bad because I was so busy with my life that when he really needed me, I couldn't be there. I wanted so badly to shirk all my responsibilities to be there for him, but I didn't.

I talked to Andy and Bernie last night. It always amazes me that we've become so close. Especially me and Andy, considering how we almost drove our entire friendship into the ground. I feel so blessed to have an overabundance of friends in my life. I used to pray at night that God never leave me alone and he placed so many beautiful souls in my life. I am so lucky to have friends like these.

I really wish I could pick a career path to follow. I really want to write full time, but I am too much of a coward to leave the security of my computer job. Plus, I love computers. I had my doubts that I did all during college, but I realize that their are few things I would rather do. I know that I can't keep up this pace forever. One day, it will come down to deciding what I really want to do. And then I will be lost.

Speaking of writing, a new cafe just opened on Lahser and Civic Center in Southfield called Cream Cafe. Those of you in the area should check out poetry night at 7pm on Saturdays.

To all reading this, have a wonderful day full of fulfilled promises and discovered dreams.

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