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Hello folks! I am currently on vacation in El Paso, TX. It has been quite the week. I've mostly just seen the sights of the City (They are not abundant) and visited with one psi032. It has been great even just sitting around doing nothing all day. I needed a break. BADLY.

Anyway, my flight here was the worst travel experience of my life. I had a 2 hour layover in Chicago that turned into a 24 hour layover. Worse than that, I spent Sunday night at O'Hare on a cot in the coldest airport ever devised. I had 3 blankets and was still cold. Even worst than that, the American Airlines staff was rude and we couldn't get any food vouchers. They gave us 50% off hotel vouchers at a hotel 45 minutes away AND with no shuttle service. So $70 for a hotel room (the hotel cost $140 a night) and you had to pay cab fare to get there. It was ridiculous. I got told off by an agent at the gate when I asked that changes to the flight be announced as well. One man wanted to get his luggage and the agent darn near cussed him out. Another woman needed her insulin needle (she was incorrectly informed that she could not carry it on) and the staff neglected to mention the airport medical center (ARGH!).

Needless to say, it was a long day. Well, at least I made friends with a few passengers. I can't imagine having gone through that ordeal alone.

So, events: Monday, we went to go see Troy.
Tuesday, we went to the casino and played slots and stuff
Wednesday, we went to Bob'Os, kinda like Sport N Fun (If you don't know what Sport N Fun is, ask me)

I really want to go mountain biking, but it's too hot, registering at 99 or 100 today. I also want to go horseback riding, but Darryl doesn't get off early enough.

So, that's all folks. I return at 6:23pm on Saturday (If anyone cares), so I will update again soon.
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