Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

Everything has been pretty good the last couple of weeks. I've been chillin'. No major events. Why? Because my life is pretty boring.

I went up to Lansing this weekend for PPV for probably the last time. It is the end of an era, folks. Andy will soon be moving to St. Petersburg, FL and Bernie is moving to Troy. I still have friends in Lansing, (Shelly, Quinton), but I don't see them as often (or enough). I had a fun weekend!!!

I finally saw the Kill Bill films. They were good movies, albeit violent and gory. I also became addicted to the Spider-Man game on PS2. So much so that I will have to go buy a PS2 when I have the money.

I also had the funniest dinner in recent history with Andy, Bernie, Aaron, Wes, Colleen, and Colleen's friend (whose name escapes me right now). I won't go into detail here, but the next time you talk to me ask me about the Michigan handshake :)

I went with Andy to Closing the Ditigal Gap on Saturday. So, I was also a do-gooder this weekend. I enjoyed myself and the people were really nice. If I were rich, I would definitely give them money.

Next weekend will be Chicago with Bernie and Ellen. HOW FUN!!

The weekend after that I leave for TX to see psi032.

I am a travelling fool this month.
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