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Smiley With Flower

Me, quiet?!? But I'm never quiet

So, I haven't posted in a while. It's not because I'm depressed or in a bad mood or anything. I really don't have anything to say. Really.

Life is just chugging along at the usual pace. I did have one exciting thing happen: The piano player at church knows some producers and he is going to show them my songs! My songs might be produced! Isn't that the coolest?

Anyway, other than that, nothing much is up. I'm going to see Andy and Bernie this weekend (quite possibly the last time we'll watch the PPV in Lansing) and the next weekend, I'm going to Chicago. Then, I'm going to Texas to visit psi032 (who never posts anything, BTW) the week after that (Memorial Day week).

And that is the post, folks. Short, sweet, boring.


We both are horrible people. We live less than an hour away and never talk or anything. How are thing Branmuffin? I suck. But not as much as psi032

Yes, we do suck

Everything is cool, here. Like I said in my post, pretty boring stuff going on here. I have been intending on calling or visiting or whatever.

Re: Yes, we do suck

Did I send you invite?

Re: Yes, we do suck

Yeppir. I'll be there.
Yes I suck, and that is nothing new. youphoric give my regards to Bernie and Andy. Tell Andy I'll miss him. loveprincess, promise not to stab me with a fork or a knife and the invitation stays opened. who am I kidding, even if you did stab me you know you and Xavier have an open invitation to visit too. sorry for letting months go by since I've posted.

I'll tell 'em

I see you found time to post SOMETHING. I knew you could do it!

Re: I'll tell 'em

don't get use to it!
Uh, yeah. And you never call. I'm working on it. As soon as there is a cheap flight I'm all about the Texas