Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

10 things I hate about work

This entry is a pretty boring rant about my job, If you care,

It has been an incredibly stressful day at work. Things break, I fix them, and they break again. I absolutely HATE inheriting projects from other people. Because they give you this crappy work and say "Keep it running, but don't change anything." Yeah, thanks.

And then some people don't know the meaning of the word "documentation." It's so frustrating to try to muddle through some programming code when someone else wrote it and you don't know what the h*ll they wanted to accomplish. ARGHH!!!

Then again, I do understand why that happens. Users give these unreasonable deadlines to get stuff done. I had one of those myself. Two months to do a 18 month project. It was fun. Then, in the middle of it, my apartment building got struck by lightning (forcing me to move) and my father went for his lovely stay at Henry Ford. You know, this time last year, he was DYING and now he's smoking AGAIN. Even smart people can be stupid, I guess.

So, anyways, the project does not run optimally, that's for sure. The good news is that we(me and my coworkers who helped me build this monstrosity) have a plan to fix it, once we have the time. Which will hopefully be in the summer.

In conclusion, in case there was any doubts, just because I can talk to you on the phone and work does not mean I don't work! Believe me, I do.

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