Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

Time well spent?

I went to choir rehearsal yesterday and it was spectacular. On every first Tuesday, we have started having a praise and worship service in lieu of regular rehearsal. Last night, we went around the room and spoke on the things that we are thankful for. Some of the things that were said were so beautiful. Our drummer said that he is thankful for time spent. The way he said that got me thinking alot about how I spend my day and how to improve my life. So, I had a few thoughts on how to make my time be well spent -

* I want to spend more of my life being satisfied with who I am.
* I want to learn to fly without leaving the ground.
* I want to trust that my life will work out the way it should.
* I want to complain less and be grateful more.
* I want to find time for myself, so that I can hear the voice of God
* I want to see beauty in everything I encounter.
* I want to enjoy the simple beauties that I normally ignore (like a beautiful sunset)
* I want to be a person with a spirit that is so bright, it lights my entire being
* I want to know truth and shun lies.
* I want to evoke peace around me, not chaos.
* I want to love freely.
* I want to defeat fear and be strong enough to do the right things no matter the cost.

These are my desires for my life. I think that if I manage to accomplish even a subset of these goals before I die, then perhaps my time will be well spent.
Tags: reflections
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