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So, I have really updated in a while, so I thought I would.

Life has been going at a normal pace. Nothing really exciting to note of happening in my life. It is actually rather boring.

I've been a little down lately simply because it seems like everyone is moving so far away. I hardly ever see Jasmine (who, BTW, is in the city, I think) and everyone else except Denise, Maurice, and occasionally nuttie and msjellybean are outside of the city. I drive to A2 and Lansing when I can to see folks, but it's kinda lonely sometimes. Not to mention that Andy is moving soon, so I'm bummed.

But, I get a roommate in August, and Bernie may possibly be back in June, so I guess it isn't SO bad.

I can't wait to see Weird Al tomorrow! It's going to be a blast! I had so much fun at the Chris Rock concert with the guys. Add nuttie in the mix, and you just never know what's going to happen. Fun, fun times.

Then, I have Friday off in honor of Good Friday. Although I will be at church for a great while, it's better than being here!

In other news, I'm doing my normal once-a-month fast, so my stomach is growling in protest. Never fear, 7:27pm will be here faster than I expect. Speaking of which, I must be off to drink some more juice. Last month, I let my blood sugar get too low and got sick. I learn from my mistakes!
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