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Wedding Stuff

I marry psi032 in seven days. I've been told it would be good to post at this time in my life so I can look back and remember.

A recap of everything that happened with wedding stuff since the beginning:

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So, here we are seven days out. We fly to the D in the morning and the wedding week craziness begins. I'm excited, nervous, ready but not ready for it to be over. So, basically, normal! :)

Time for bed to catch the early flight. Night world!
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Wedding Planning

 Oh, the joy that is wedding planning.  Blah blah blah.  I've made good progress, though. 

Thanks to my mother, I've got the two big items squared away:  The ceremony and the reception.

The date is August 23rd, for those not in the know.

I have a ton of stuff I want to tackle before February.  Photography, DJ, Florist (though this is at least partially taken care of.  It could be TOTALLY taken care of if I wasn't so persnickety.  I'm debating it.)

I've learned that weddings are expensive!  


In other news, I've been asked to be in an ensemble in the choir.  The song is from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (the musical).  Fun, fun, fun.

That is all for today.  Love and miss you guys.

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Howdy y'all from the big bad state of Texas.

How is everyone?

It's been a month since I posted.  I'm falling down on the job!  This is the Christmas update

My Christmas began on the 17th,when psi032 and I exchanged gifts.  I got a Wii! (That wasn't all I got, see below for details.)

I came home for Christmas from the 22-26 and it was a great trip.  I got to see a ton of people, almost right from the moment I got off the plane.  I headed right to Bernie's on the 22nd where Bernie, Andy and his girlfriend Margie, ATP, Heather, Jasmine and Andy's friend Colleen all were there at various times.  (psi032 was there, too, but he doesn't count!)  We had dinner, watched some of Jasmine's films from film school (she's in film school at Columbia) and chilled.  It was a good time and it made me miss my Michigan life a bit.

Sunday was The Lion King in the afternoon and msjellybean's birthday celebration at night. I got to see mrstevo and nuttie and her husband, along with some other cool folks.  It was a good time, as usual.  The Lion King was pretty good, in my opinion.  There were some things I didn't like, but I really liked the concept of the humans moving like animals and such.

Monday was the best day in Detroit. (no offense to my friends).  In the morning, I did a little last minute Christmas shopping, then headed over to my cousin's for Christmas Eve karaoke.  My family does it every year.  This year, psi032 came and insisted on bringing his parents.  I was not happy with him dragging people to crash the party...until he proposed and I accepted, that is.  That's right folks, psi032 and I are getting married.  As I type it, it even feels weird.  The ring is beautiful (thanks to angelkizzez for helping him pick it out).  I'll post pictures of it in a bit.

Tuesday I hung out with the family and showed off my rock.  It was fun!  We played a bit of Wii and such.  Good times!  After family time, I went and spent time with my future in-laws and family.

Wednesday, I got to see msjellybean again for breakfast and buffyeas and userillusion for lunch.  Then, I headed toward the airport to meet loveprincess524 for a quick bite.  There was a lot of food. 

I left the restaurant sad to go back to Texas.  I've been bummed ever since.  It doesn't help that psi032 is still there (he'll be back tonight).  I miss you guys.  Thanks for the fun times.  Come visit, will'ya?
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It's been a while

So since I'm home today, I guess I'll post something. It's only been TWO MONTHS! sheesh and sheesh.

Everything is going fine around these parts. The job is ok, psi032 is fine. Even the cat is doing ok. 

-I just had my concert (I joined the Round Rock Community Choir).  It was fun, even if I don't like classical music.

-My insurance won't cover my allergy medication. They will, however, cover Immunotherapy (allergy injections).  I had my allergy test today to determine what I'm allergic to, and, let me tell you, the list is pretty long.  I was surprised I was allergic to some much stuff.  The offical word is cats, two different molds, dust mites, four types of grass, six types of trees and four types of ragweed.

I also got positives for Penicillin and Brazilnuts, but I don't believe those (my doctor said the Brazilnuts was probably false and I've never had an adverse reaction to penicillin based drugs.  My mother got so many false positives on her test it wasn't even funny).

So, I got the prick test on my back first.  That didn't hurt too bad.  Then they took the negatives from that and gave me shots under my skin on my arm.  Just like the TB test, but about twenty times.  That really freakin' hurt.  In fact, it's still a bit sore.  And I got the chills and some sickness.  Great.

So now that they know what I'm allergic to,  I've got to get the injection once a week for six months and then every other week after that for up to THREE YEARS.  AND the shots are meant to build up an immunity, not cure you, so I'll still be taking allergy medicine for the rest of my natural life (but much lower dosage, one would hope).  BAH.

-I'm coming home for Christmas from the 22-26.  I'm not happy about the time frame and I miss Holiday Shutdown.  A LOT.  Stupid banks only get Christmas Day.  It sucks.  But, at least my boss is nice enough to let me take unpaid time (since I haven't earned any paid time yet).

-I miss all of you guys.  Sometimes, I miss you more than psi032 is comfortable with.  He actually worries about ME, which is so not what I am used to.  I am the worrywart!  So, to rectify said situation, peeps must come 'avisit in 'aTexas.  We have a spare futon with a nice foam mattress.  It's even got it's own room (well, the office, but you get the point.) The couch is comfy.  We have games, DVDs, a DVR, good company.  What more could you want? (and that is my spiel for the day).

-I'm going to the spa this evening.  It's for the Officer's Wives Club, which I am not officially a member of, but close enough.  I hope I'm not too sore to enjoy it.

-NaNo is not going as well as I hoped.  I've got about 31,000 words.  I can pull it out, but I'll have to work hard to do it.

That's all I can think of to ramble about today.  Love you guys.

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29th year.

I turn 29 today. I'm only a stone's throw away from the big 3-0. It seems so strange; I really don't know where in the world the years went. I feel like I should be turning 25 at the most. Like I slept for 4 years and woke up 29. I'm astonished by the fact that time just flies by without being noticed.

My mom, Gregg and Cindy are coming to visit. They will be here this afternoon and will stay until Monday morning. This excites me verily. I miss my mommy and Gregg and Cindy are really cool peoples. I used to hate Gregg when I was a little girl because we antagonized each other constantly. Then, when I got out of college and started working, there was a time period where we emailed and talked every day for a long time. I discovered then that me and the Gregory have a lot in common. We are a lot alike. Who knew!! All this to say I'm excited to see everyone. Which, BTW, is why I am up at 7:02 when my alarm is set for 7:45.

Before psi032 left for PT this morning, he said "Try to get some sleep, ok?" It's as if he knows me or something!! I didn't go back to sleep after that, by the way. I hate it when he's right.

Ok, enough typing. Everyone have a wonderful day. That is a mandate from the birthday girl. :)
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The cars are angry with me

It was time to turn in my lease. So, on Saturday, I traded for another Saturn. I enjoyed the car for several hours - and then it was broken. It wouldn't accelerate at all. We called at 3am for a tow. On a street with no name. It took a while and involved flagging down the tow truck, so I watched them load my poor car onto the truck. The tow truck driver informed me since Saturn was not open on Sunday, he would tow the car Monday morning.

No biggie. I'll just drive my old car. I still have it in the parking lot. I search the apartment Monday morning for the keys and realize that they are in the old car. Which is at least thirty minutes away. Or on a tow lot that I can't find. And I have to be to work. Great.

So Monday, psi032takes me to work and I get a rental. Saturn pays for it. They call and tell me that a balloon caused the problem. It got sucked into the car and gunked up something in the transmission. Good. Easy fix. My car is fixed. I tell them that I can't pick it up until Tuesday because I have choir rehearsal. My very first one! I get five miles up the road and the tire goes flat.

So, I ride home on a donut. And cry. Because now, I have to drive twenty-someodd miles on a donut. Great.

I really think that cars hate me.

On a unrelated note, no LJ allowed at work. This saddens me.
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I've been waiting for it to be official, and today it is.

I GOT A JOB!!!!!

It's as a business analyst for First National Bank Texas. It's similar to what I used to do at Fedie, but little to no programming. It's mostly people interaction and communication. I'm excited about it!!!!

I start the 23rd!!!! YAY!
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